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EDP for COVID-19

The European Data Portal offers a dedicated section for COVID-19 with the purpose of providing a better understanding of the current global emergency. In this section, we aim to empower citizens by presenting relevant datasets, data-related initiatives and editorial pieces on COVID-19. See all COVID-19 related content.


A collection of datasets that are related to COVID-19 are curated for the benefit of the public by the editorial team.

COVID-19 Specific Categories

Data Story

Public transport
In the new phase of the pandemic, the world is taking its first steps in loosening the restrictive measures, while trying to make sure that social distancing can always be achieved. This created difficulties for the public transportation systems, as they can get very crowded. Some guidelines are set up to support policymakers and citizens to adjust according to the new situation. Also, some alternatives to the use of cars and public transportation are provided, assisted by data-related initiatives.

Madurez de los datos abiertos en Europa

El estudio de madurez de los datos abiertos ofrece un referente comparativo para analizar el desarrollo alcanzado en el campo de los datos abiertos en Europa. Evalúa el grado de madurez en cuatro ámbitos: políticas, portal, impacto y calidad. El estudio clasifica a los países en cuatro grandes grupos según su grado de madurez (empezando por los más maduros): creadores de tendencias, dinamizadores, seguidores y principiantes.  Se proporcionan recomendaciones adaptadas al nivel de madurez y a las características de cada grupo. Aquí puede leer el informe más reciente.

Open Data Maturity in Europe 2019


Últimas noticias sobre datos abiertos

Join the European Data Portal’s workshop on high value datasets next week Monday 8 June!

Local Government Inform is one of the national open data portals in Europe that has gained importance post-lockdown.

The European Commission outlined its future data policy in the new European Strategy for data.

The increase in open data availability and accessibility also stimulates development of AI solutions, especially in healthcare.