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EDP for COVID-19

The European Data Portal has run until the end of June 2020 a dedicated section for COVID-19 with the purpose of providing a better understanding of the current global emergency. In this section, we aimed to empower citizens by presenting relevant datasets, data-related initiatives and editorial pieces on the topic. The dedicated section is no longer maintained but is available until the end of July, and will later be moved to the Impact & Studies section of the website. See all COVID-19 related content.


A collection of datasets that are related to COVID-19 have been curated for the benefit of the public by the editorial team.

COVID-19 Specific Categories

Data Story

Data story process key insights
This is the final publication of the European Data Portal for COVID-19 editorial team. In this story, a summary of the insights gained and our key learnings from writing the data stories are discussed.

Zrelost otvorenih podataka u Europi

Studija zrelosti otvorenih podataka služi kao referentna točka za stjecanje uvida u ostvarene rezultate u polju otvorenih podatka u Europi. Njome se procjenjuje razina zrelosti s obzirom na četiri dimenzije: pravila, portal, utjecaj i kvalitetu. Studija grupira zemlje u četiri različite skupine: kreatori trendova, oni koji brzo napreduju, sljedbenici i početnici, od najzrelijih do onih najmanje zrelih. Daju se preporuke prilagođene razini zrelosti i svojstvima svake od tih skupina. Najnovije izvješće možete pročitati ovdje.

Open Data Maturity in Europe 2019


Najnovije vijesti o otvorenim podacima

Many financial services firms and insurers use AI and geo data to detect fraud. The use of AI to make data-driven decisions is expected to only increase.

According to new research with open data on employment numbers, women are hit disproportionally by the economic downturn caused by the pandemic

Outdooractive uses an open data approach to support mountain tourism destinations in Europe.

As we come closer to the summer holiday in Europe, the European Data Portal Team has listed inspiring books on data to read during the holidays!