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EDP for COVID-19

The European Data Portal offers a dedicated section for COVID-19 with the purpose of providing a better understanding of the current global emergency. In this section, we aim to empower citizens by presenting relevant datasets, data-related initiatives and editorial pieces on COVID-19. See all COVID-19 related content.


A collection of datasets that are related to COVID-19 are curated for the benefit of the public by the editorial team.

COVID-19 Specific Categories

Data Story

ICU beds
The rapid spread of the virus and the special care that critical patients need put a major pressure on the European healthcare system. Not every European country was adequately prepared to handle this crisis.

Open Data Maturity in Europe

The open data maturity study serves as a benchmark to gain insights into the development achieved in the field of open data in Europe. It assesses the level of maturity against four dimensions: policy, portal, impact, and quality. The study clusters countries into four different groups: trend-setters, fast-trackers, followers, and beginners, from the most mature to the least. Recommendations tailored to the level of maturity and characteristics of each of these groups are  provided. Read the latest report here.

Open Data Maturity in Europe 2019


Latest Open Data News

Decision making in a data-driven world is often preceded by many experiments to understand how different strategies influence user behaviour.

The organisation of the Digital Day 2020 has now published an overview of the impact of the event and freely available content, such as webinars, online.

The finalists of the EU Datathon have been shortlisted and will compete in four challenges during the European Week of Regions and Cities!

Smart Emission is a research project focused on improving the air quality of urban areas in the Netherlands.