European Data Portal

More Training Material

More Training Material


Training Module Overview - Introduction to Open Government Data

Open Government Data and the PSI Directive
Introduction to Linked Data
Introduction to RDF & SPARQL
Introduction to Metadata Management
Promoting the Re-use of Open Data through ODIP

Training Module Overview - Introduction to Linked Open Government Data

The Linked Open Government Data Lifecycle
Introduction to Open Data Quality
Design and Manage Persistent URIs
Designing and Developing vocabularies in RDF
Licence your Data and Metadata

Other training materials

Data protection in the re-use of PSI
Open Data Goldbook for Data Managers and Data Holders

Implementation of the Revised PSI Directive

National guides to Implementation of the Revised PSI Directive
Best Practices for Sharing Public Sector Information

Factsheets - Information on specific topics regarding Open Data portals

Controlled vocabularies: Learn what controlled vocabularies are and how to use them
Data formats: Most common data formats used
DCAT-AP: Information on the DCAT application profile for data portals in Europe
Short overview of CKAN: Short overview of CKAN
Short overview of licences: Introduction to licences for Open Data and explanation to the most often used licences
The EDP harvester: Detailed information on how to be harvested by the European Data Portal