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Welcome to the European Data Portal’s eLearning programme. Our online content gives you a simple, clear introduction to Open Data.

What is eLearning?

Our experts have selected 16 short modules designed for anyone to discover more about Open Data. The modules suit all levels from beginners to experts.


How long will this course take?

We realise that most people are too busy to take a whole course at once so our modules have been conceived to fit even into a busy schedule. Each module can take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete for those who wish to get just an overview. Each module also provides up to 2 hours of extra reading for those who want to dive deeper into a specific area.


When to use the modules?

For best results, complete all 16 modules following their order for a solid grounding in all aspects of Open Data. Or, if you prefer to pick a specific topic, feel free to proceed straight to this module.


What can you learn?

The eLearning programme introduces you to every aspect of Open Data. You will learn about definitions related to the concept and read success stories from across Europe. We introduce the major trends in Open Data, explain how people publish, access, and use it. Finally, we highlight the future of Open Data and get you thinking about the next steps for your own work.


Where do I go?

To get started click the link:


How can I share my experience?

We at the European Data Portal would like to hear about your experience with Open Data. If you would like to share your story with us, you can do so by clicking here:


Where do I access the transcripts of the eLearning modules?

If you are interested in accessing the transcripts of the elearning modules, click the link in Englishin French.