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Webinar: The European Data Portal - what is in it for me?

Including practical examples of Open Data re-use

With more and more public bodies throughout Europe opening up their data, the European Data Portal acts as a digital hub for accessing Public Sector Information throughout Europe. But the European Data Portal is so much more than a repository of Public Sector Information: we train, we showcase, we measure, we convene, we collect and we share.

Curious to know more about what the European Data Portal has in store for you? Join our webinar on 22 September! From 12 - 1PM, the European Data Portal takes Open Data publishers, users and others interested on a journey through the various activities of the European Data Portal.

In addition, a selection of Open Data use cases collected by the European Data Portal will be presented to provide the audience with practical examples of Open Data re-use. This webinar is part of a series of webinars. This series shows how to derive the benefits of Open Data, how to overcome typical challenges in both publishing and using Open Data and explores the reuse of Open Data in specific sectors.

Interested to discover more about Open Data and what the European Data Portal has to offer you? Make sure you do not miss out, and register for the webinar!