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Relaunch: Open Data Goldbook for Data Managers and Data Holders

Practical guidance to implement Open Data in your organisation

How to build an Open Data strategy? How to implement an Open Data initiative? What is needed to put in place an Open Data lifecycle? How to ensure and monitor Open Data success? The European Data Portal has updated its Open Data Goldbook for Data Managers and Data Holders to answer all of these questions.

The third and latest edition of the Open Data Goldbook encompasses practical guidelines to help data managers and data holders from public organisations to implement and improve a successful Open Data strategy. It offers useful approaches and frameworks, supported by various best practices and examples from existing Open Data initiatives. It serves both political decision makers, as well as data managers, developers and policy contributors.

The renewed Open Data Goldbook can be downloaded here. It is published under an Open Licence. Feel free to redistribute this publication with your peers!