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Plan your visit in the Italian Alps with MySnowMaps

MySnowMaps shows how much snow is present throughout the Italian Alps.

MySnowMaps is a website that shows how much snow is present throughout the Italian Alps. Users can either search for a location via a map or enter a location in the search engine. Based on this location, the website provides real-time information on different aspects of snow, such as snow depth, the amount of new snow in the last 72 hours, and a forecast for new snow to come in the next 72 hours. The information that MySnowMaps provide, is based on a newly developed mathematical model. In this model, MySnowMaps accounts for the location and slope of the terrain. For instance, snow melts faster on the south side of the mountain due to the exposure to sunlight and a sharp slope means that more snow will slide down and end up lower on the mountain. By providing information on snow in the Italian Alps, the website aims to help tourists in planning their hiking and skiing excursions in a safe and responsible way.

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