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CEF Telecom call: 14 Public Open Data projects request funding

Upcoming projects to be selected

A total number of 56 project proposals have been submitted to the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Telecom 2017-3 call, requesting over EUR 44 million. The call closed on 28 November 2017. It has a total available budget of EUR 24 million.

Out of the 56 projects, 14 Public Open Data related proposals have been received. These projects account for almost EUR 14 million, whereas EUR 6 million is available for that particular Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI). Only the eInvoicing call welcomed more proposals.

All project proposals will now be assessed on admissibility and eligibility, followed by evaluation against the specific award criteria of the calls. External experts are part of this process which should be concluded in April 2018. The final results will be announced after the evaluation is concluded.