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European Commission launched the Support Centre for Data Sharing!

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The initiative promotes and facilitates successful data sharing in the public sector and in the private sector

On 15 July 2019, the Support Centre for Data Sharing went live. The Support Centre for Data Sharing is a new initiative funded by the European Commission to further support the development of the Digital Single Market. The objective is to facilitate data sharing, i.e. transactions in which data held by the public sector or the private sector are made available to other organisations (public or private) for re-use.

The Support Centre for Data Sharing focuses on researching, documenting and reporting about the data-sharing practices, EU legal frameworks, as well as access and distribution technologies. The current website is a limited release, that provides, among others, practical support and shows examples of successful data sharing in practice. Users are invited to give feedback and share their ideas and questions around data sharing at the Support Centre for Data Sharing. This autumn, the main version of the website will be launched. It will incorporate the received user feedback and offer additional reports and features, such as a forum in which users will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and share experiences with the data-sharing community.

Stay up to date by following the Support Centre for Data Sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, or get in contact by using the dedicated support form.