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Introducing the 100 Questions Initiative

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The World Resource Institute and GovLab are partnering to create an initiative that aims to address air pollution

The World Resource Institute (WRI) and New York University's GovLab are partnering together to create the 100 Questions Initiative - an initiative that aims to address air pollution across the world. Air pollution is a massive global problem that affects people's health, the climate, food supply, security, and more. However, there is limited action and a need to distinguish between knowing that something needs to be done versus knowing what needs to be done. Thus, this initiative calls on the air quality and data community to support the 100 Questions Initiative team in building a set of questions that if answered - using new data sources and data science - could transform the way we solve and view a variety of challenges, including air pollution.

Interested in supporting the initiative? If you would like to be part of the initiative, either as an expert or data partner, get in touch or contact Stefaan Verhulst at The GovLab to be added to the community.

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