Metadata Quality Dashboard

The current quality analysis is based on 3 criteria: the accessibility of distributions, their machine readability and their compliance to the DCAT-AP specification. For each catalogue all datasets and their corresponding distributions are checked. This page provides a general overview for all catalogues. For a more detailed view by catalogue, please select the detailed view from the menu. Additional explanations can be found by clicking on the "i" icon on the upper right corner of the diagrammes. The metadata quality is checked on a weekly basis. The next check is scheduled for Jan 16, 2019 5:46:00 PM.

Distribution Statistics

The following diagrammes providing an overview of the accessibility of the distributions of all datasets. All distributions of each dataset are checked. According to the DCAT-AP specification, each dataset must have an AccessURL; a DownloadURL is recommended. For each URL of a distribution a HTTP GET request is executed and the corresponding answer is checked. The testing of the machine readability of a URL uses the list of machine readable formats, published by the Open Data Monitor.

Dataset Compliance Statistics

The following diagrammes provide an overview of the dataset compliance regarding the DCAT-AP specification. In order to verify the compliance, the metadata is uploaded on the CKAN API and validated against a DCAT-AP compliant JSON schema.

Dataset Licence Usage

The diagrams shown below provide an overview on the type of licences used by the various datasets of the analyzed catalogues. CKAN provides a list of licences which can be considered the 'known' licences. This list is available in human readable form on this page. The actual IDs of these licences can be obtained by using this API call. The field in question is named 'id'.