Paieškos rezultatai

Paieškos rezultatai

  1. Global - Plantwise application/pdf

    use_case_global-_plantwise.pdf Other information To facilitate a low barrier access to the Plantwise Knowledge Bank for experts all over the world, the database can also be accessed by tablet through a mobile application. Another application is available f

  2. Global - Code for all application/pdf

    use_case_global_-_code_for_all_v1.pdf Future plans The Code for All community will continue sharing its lessons learned. Continue implementing programs in partnership with local governments that use technology to improve communities. Quick facts Company: C

  3. Greece - Forest fires application/pdf

    use_case_greece_-_forest_fires.pdf Other information More detailed information about the fires, is also visualised on the page, for example each fire separately in a bar chart. Quick facts Company: Individual journalist Sector: Public safety Product / serv

  4. Greece - PublicaMundi application/pdf

    use_case_greece_-_publicamundi.pdf What more can PublicaMundi do with geospatial data Construct Spatial Data Infrastructure Repurpose data and service of current spatial data infrastructure Providing web (and mobile) maps Building both web and mobile appli

  5. Greece - HybridStat application/pdf

    use_case_greece_-_hybridstat.pdf Other information They are planning to publish their data as well as Open Data and to allow users to use their platform. They want to encourage clinical biologists to share their insights with the community. Quick facts Com

  6. Hungary - National legislation database application/pdf

    text, search by publisher, publication year and document number and by keywords. URL

  7. Hungary - Centre for Budapest Transport application/pdf

    use_case_hungary_-_centre_for_budapest_transport.pdf Quick facts Company: Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK) Sector: Public Product / service: Website Type of data: Transportation Origin: Hungary Benefits Release of Open Data in an user-friendly format En

  8. Hungary - Ki Mit Tud application/pdf

    use_case_hungary_-_ki_mit_tud.pdf Other information The website is based on software developed by Alaveteli, an open source platform for making Freedom of Information websites. Quick facts Company: Sector: Public sector Product / service: Servi

  9. Hungary - Saving Food 2.0 application/pdf

    use_case_hungary_-_saving_food_2.0.pdf Context The estimated amount of wasted food in Hungary is 1,8 million tons a year. SavingFood2.0 aims to revolutionise the way that food rescue activities are currently performed whilst raising awareness and promoting

  10. Iceland - Icelandic Lambs application/pdf

    use_case_iceland_-_icelandic_lamb_map.pdf Other information As Iceland is placed on the division of European and North American tectonic plate resulting in ~2 cm movement a year, the Icelandic have developed their own reference system for geospatial data.