Paieškos rezultatai

Paieškos rezultatai

  1. France - Electricity consumption application/pdf

    use_case_france_-_electriticity_consumption.pdf Other information The Ministry of Finance and Public Accounts also publishes 286 data sets in total, for example new laws. Quick facts Company: Min. of Finance and Public Accounts Sector: Public Product / ser

  2. France - Innovisite application/pdf

    use_case_france_-_innovisite.pdf Future plans If the company has enough funding, further integration and analysis of data will be done Quick facts Company: Innovisite Sector: Science & Technology Product / service: Visualisation Type of data: Geospatia

  3. France - Tranquilien application/pdf

    use_case_france_-_tranquilien_v1.pdf Future plans The feature “Search routes with connections” will be available soon. The feature “All lines available in the area d'Île-de-France” will be available soon. Quick facts Company: Tranquilien Sector: Trans

  4. Germany - Wheelmap application/pdf

    use_case_germany_-_wheelmap.pdf Other information is a project run by the nonprofit organization Sozialhelden. This German organistion strives to make people aware of problems in society with a variety of (often Open Data based) applications t

  5. Germany - Viomedo application/pdf

    use_case_germany_-_viomedo.pdf Future plans Improve the search engine with more data, mainly regular data hence they call for releasing more Open Data in that field Quick facts Company: Viomedo Sector: Health Product / service: Database Type of data: Healt

  6. Germany - GEO-C application/pdf

    use_case_germany_-_geo-c_v1.pdf Key outcome of the research institute Methods and approaches to realise smart and open cities, prototypically implemented in an open source toolkit to facilitate uptake; fifteen PhD graduates with necessary skills and expert

  7. Germany - PTV Group application/pdf

    use_case_germany_-_ptv_group_v1.pdf Future plans In order to improve their products, PTV Group would be interested in small-scale structural data (more granular than municipal data), statistics on numbers of users of public transport as well as visitor num

  8. Germany - EnviroCar application/pdf

    use_case_germany_-_envirocar_v1.pdf Future plans Use Open Data in enviroCar. Broadening the scope of enviroCar to further countries and regions. Quick facts Company: enviroCar Sector: Transportation Product / service: Application and platform Type of data:

  9. Germany - Ally application/pdf

    use_case_germany_-_ally_v1.pdf Future plans In Germany Ally has already expanded to 76 cities. Outside of Germany, Ally provided apps for cities in seven other countries in Europe, Australia and Latin America. Quick facts Company: Ally Sector: Transportati

  10. Germany - Terranea application/pdf

    use_case_germany_-_terranea.pdf Context Global population growth, urbanisation, and global lifestyle changes are causing a significant increase of consumption of goods and overexploitation of natural resources, pollution of the environment and change of th