Paieškos rezultatai

Paieškos rezultatai

  1. Estonia - Should I Go? application/pdf

    use_case_estonia_-_shouldigo.pdf Other information Should I Go is the winner of Planet OS Data Challenge Quick facts Company: Should I Go? Sector: Culture & Tourism Product / service: Website Type of data: Weather information Origin: Estonia Benefits S

  2. Estonia - Open Tartu application/pdf

    facts Company: Open Tartu Sector: Public Product / service: Website Type of data: Public documentation relevant documents. Open Tartu Application How Open Data is used Open Tartu makes use of the extensive

  3. Estonia - GoSwift application/pdf

    use_case_estonia_-_goswift.pdf Context Before the implementation of this project, the Estonian border crossing was a time consuming process which could last days, due to long queues. The Private Public Partnership project solved this issue. Quick facts Com

  4. EU - CitySDK Project application/pdf

    use_case_eu_-_citysdk_project_v1.pdf Future plans The various partnerships provide further means for cooperation, sharing of experiences and practices, and finding synergies. CitySDK provides an opportunity for developers to engage with their city – whethe

  5. EU - Open Transport Net application/pdf

    use_case_eu_-_open_transport_net.pdf Context OpenTransportNet is a project co-financed by the EU, and runs from February 2014 to February 2017 This European project is nominated for the British e-government awards in the category ‘Open Data’ Quick facts Co

  6. Finland - Miils application/pdf

    use_case_finland_-_miils.pdf Context Make meal plans and add them to your calendar. Mills also offers the possibility to create shopping lists. There is an option to switch measures between the US and metrics systems. Quick facts Company: Miils Sector: Hea

  7. Finland - Parking fines in Vantaa application/pdf

    use_case_finland_-_parking_fines_in_vantaa.pdf Other information In Vantaa parking on the street is free. Therefore, paid car parks are under-utilised. To encourage people to make use of the paid car parks, Vantaa is changing more areas into ‘no parking zo

  8. Finland - BlindSquare application/pdf

    use_case_finland_-_blindsquare.pdf Future plans Use functions without data connection Record routes using BlindSquare BlindSquare using information from other resources besides FourSquare and OpenStreetMap Quick facts Company: BlindSquare Sector: Transport

  9. Finland - Vainu application/pdf

    use_case_finland_-_vainu.pdf Other information Vainu integrates to Linkedin, Slack, Gmail and common CRMs. Through their open API, Vainu can easily be hooked up to any other software you’re using. Quick facts Company: Vainu Sector: Other Product / service:

  10. Finland - Semantic Finlex application/pdf

    use_case_finland_-_semantic_finlex.pdf Context The website provides several examples of re-use of the data: Media: businesses and politicians refer to legislation and Semantic Finlex can help guiding through the text. Smarter services: application developm