Paieškos rezultatai

Paieškos rezultatai

  1. Czech Republic - Supervizor application/pdf

    use_case_czech_republic_-_supervizor.pdf Future plans Involve the budgets of all public sector organisations Quick facts Company: Ministry of Finance of Czech Republic Sector: Finance and Insurance Product / service: Service Type of data: Financial Origin:

  2. Czech Republic - Drugs Encyclopedia application/pdf

    use_case_czech_republic_-_drug_encyclopedia.pdf Other information Various different techniques are used to work quickly without the necessity of creating data models. Techniques used are: RDF and linked data and a tool for text processing. Quick facts Comp

  3. Czech Republic - Zkoumejprezkum application/pdf

    use_case_czech_republic_zkoumejprezkum.pdf Other information With this service, the organisation wants to enhance transparency, to demonstrate what Open Data is available and what can be done with it. The application was nominated in the ‘Together We Open

  4. Czech Republic - Never run application/pdf

    use_case_czech_republic_-_never_run.pdf Future plans Prague is planning to launch a real server soon and the app will be ready. The project started during the Prague Hacks hackathon. Quick facts Company: Never Run Sector: Transportation Product / service:

  5. Denmark - HusetsWeb application/pdf

    use_case_denmark_-_husetsweb.pdf Context HusetsWeb is an IT company that sells system solutions related to energy and housing improvements in the form of an Energy Report to the homeowner It offers homeowners a place where all the information about the hou

  6. Denmark - Danmarksadresser application/pdf

    use_case_denmark_-_danmarksadresser.pdf Future plans Continuous updates and further improvement of the quality of the address data. Quick facts Company: Geodatastyrelsen Sector: Public Product / service: Website Type of data: Address data Origin: Denmark B

  7. Estonia - Markus application/pdf

    use_case_estonia_-_markus.pdf Other information MARKUS was the winner of the Garage48 Open and Big Data 2016 hackathon. With the growth in ecommerce, also in fields with products only suitable for adults, the tool is expected to supply a big market. Quick

  8. Estonia - application/pdf

    use_case_estonia_-_locata.pdf Other information was a participant in the the Garage48 Open and Big Data 2016 hackathon in Tallinn, Estonia. Quick facts Company: Locata Sector: Other Product / service: Website Type of data: Geospatial, environment

  9. Estonia - Riigiraha application/pdf

    use_case_estonia_-_riigiraha.pdf Context Application is for: Citizens to be aware of their local government activities Local governments to analyse own activities with others People with scientific interest to create studies Companies for market analyses Q

  10. Estonia - Tarktree application/pdf

    use_case_estonia_-_tarktee.pdf Other information Also enables visitors to look at photos taken by the different road cameras. Has a dedicated section providing information to foreign visitors on driving in Estonia. Quick facts Company: Estonian Road Admini