Paieškos rezultatai

Paieškos rezultatai

  1. Bulgaria - Ontotext application/pdf

    use_case_bulgaria_-_ontotext.pdf Other information Founded in 2000 as a part of the Sirma Group and based in Sofia, Bulgaria, Ontotext now has offices in London and Northern Virginia One of their most important products is Graph DB™, a semantic graph datab

  2. Bulgaria - Sofia Urban Mobility Centre application/pdf

    use_case_bulgaria_-_sofia_urban_mobility_centre.pdf Quick facts Company: Urban Mobility Centre JSC Sector: Public Product / service: Website Type of data: Transportation Origin: Bulgaria Benefits Easy access to public transport time schedules and parking s

  3. Bulgaria - Recycle application/pdf

    use_case_bulgaria_-_recycle_v1.pdf Other information RE:CYCLE is an open source project and design (Open Source), which means that is open for further development. In addition, the website offers its technical performance in a transparent manner. Quick fac

  4. Croatia - Smart Healthcare application/pdf

    use_case_croatia_-_smart_healthcare.pdf Future plans The application has not been updated for a while, but the reviews show that users find it very useful. Quick facts Company: Smart Healthcare Sector: Health Product / service: Mobile application Type of d

  5. Cyprus - Fuel Finder application/pdf

    use_case_cyprus_-_fuel_finder.pdf Other information The latest version (1.3) includes an informative screen for each gas station that contains the station’s price history for 2, 4 and 6 months. Quick facts Company: Center for Mobile Computing Sector: Energ

  6. Cyprus - Cyprus by Bus application/pdf

    use_case_cyprus_-_cyprusbybus.pdf Other information Users of Cyprus By Bus can create their own personalized accounts where they can save their favorite bus routes, bus stops or pre- calculated bus journeys for easy access and availability. Quick facts Com

  7. Cyprus - SeaMobile application/pdf

    use_case_cyprus_-_seamobile.pdf Context The SeaMobile project is co-funded by the Republic of Cyprus and the European Regional Development Fund. It is developed to give tourists and recreational users access to customised marine data and forecasting servic

  8. Czech Republic - Real Reality application/pdf

    use_case_czech_republic_-_real_reality.pdf Other information The plugin appears as a little side panel to some real estate sites which shows you the quality of a certain location e.g.. commutation times, air pollution. Quick facts Company: Real Reality Sec

  9. Czech Republic - LuckyMe application/pdf

    use_case_czech_republic_-_luckyme.pdf Other information It is a mobile application suitable for iOS It was developed during the Open Data Hackathon in Prague. Quick facts Company: Ackee Sector: IT Product / service: Application Type of data: Public safety

  10. Czech Republic - NetMetr application/pdf

    use_case_czech_republic_-_netmetr.pdf Other information The service is developed and offered by the Czech association of internet service providers The transparent publication of the measurement results of Czech providers can help potential clients with th