Paieškos rezultatai

Paieškos rezultatai

  1. Licence Assistant: European Data Portal Licence Compatibility Matrix

    "minimum" licence that applies to the dataset. This document does not consistute legal advice CC-BY European Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No This document does not consistute legal advice CC-BY by Kaitlin Thaney This document does not consistute legal advice CC-BY European Data Portal

  2. Report 3: Open Data and Privacy application/pdf

    keeping the data closed (analogous to the ways in which opening documents, such as inventories, onto the not. Privacy and Data Protection In reading this document it is vital to bear in mind the meaning of,

  3. 16 November 2015 - 30 June 2016

    30 31 29 30 28 32 28 31 25 27

  4. Open Data Maturity in Europe n2 - 2016 application/pdf

    publish Government’ guidelines for Open Data by the end of 2016. 14 A document containing five core Open

  5. Austria - LevelAlarm application/pdf

    use_case_austria_-_levelalarm.pdf Other information Since November 2016, LevelAlarm also publishes water level information for the region of South Tyrol. When having an own meter, users can provide their own water level information to LevelAlarm. Quick fac

  6. Austria - Bike Citizens application/pdf

    use_case_austria_-_bike_citizens_v1.pdf Future plans Having further expansion plans for Europe and the US. Bike Citizens engages in research projects such as “SHIQUE” that aims at getting reliable traffic data by using sensor technology and smart phones as

  7. Austria - Basemap application/pdf

    use_case_austria_-_basemap.pdf Future plans Both the cartographic appearance as well as the spatial databases themselves are constantly being improved and updated. This means that the map image and the information provided may change in the future in order

  8. Belgium - Carambla application/pdf

    use_case_belgium_-_carambla.pdf Future plans Creating more awareness to have more private owners offering their available spaces. Having further expansion plans for Europe. Quick facts Company: Carambla – Park Smartly Sector: Transportation Product / servi

  9. Belgium - Realo application/pdf

    use_case_belgium_-_realo.pdf Future plans Algorithm used to estimate value of real estate property is constantly being improved Quick facts Company: Realo Sector: Real Estate & Housing Product / service: Website Type of data: All domains Origin: Belgiu

  10. Belgium - iRail application/pdf

    use_case_belgium_-_irail_v1.pdf Future plans iRail is part of Open Knowledge Belgium, aiming to open up knowledge in Belgium through both a bottom up and community driven way, and through working together with governments and organisations. At the moment,