Paieškos rezultatai

Paieškos rezultatai

  1. Designing and Developing vocabularies in RDF application/pdf

    «liberté». Relation. Un lien entre deux classes; par exemple le lien entre un document et l'organisation qui l'a publié (c-à-d organisation publie document), ou le lien entre une carte et la région services pertinents. Slide 8 1 Voir aussi:

  2. Licence your Data and Metadata application/pdf • Jill Cousins. Europeana. Data Exchange Agreements. May 2011. Drsnica 39: • The Europeana Licensing Framework. 94684ff90dc5 Slide 44 DATASUPPORTOPEN Dodatni projekti in dejavnosti Revision of the PSI

  3. Open Data Maturity in Europe n1 - 2015 application/pdf

    Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro and Turkey. This document is the first assessment in

  4. Report 1: Digital Transformation and Open Data application/pdf

    low-frequency re- use (< 5%), mid-frequency re-use (5-10%) and high-frequency re-use (> 10%). The high differentiated in three main categories: low-frequency re-use (< 5%), mid- frequency re-use (5-10%) and use (< 5%) High frequency (> 10%) Mid frequency use (5-10%) Education Energy & Environment

  5. Report 2: E-Skills and Open Data application/pdf

    wants to document. This implies defining what one is trying to answer and / or solve. Working with data Level 3 B.5. Documentation Production Level 3 D.10. Information and Knowledge Management Level 5 D.11. 14

  6. Data protection in the re-use of PSI application/pdf

    Other training materials EN

  7. European Data Portal and eLearning application/pdf

    edp_brochure_elearning_online.pdf European Data Portal Presentation Material 3

  8. What is the European Data Portal - short brochure application/pdf

    edp_brochure_what_is_edp_project_online.pdf European Data Portal Presentation Material 1

  9. European Data Portal Technical Architecture application/pdf

    Gazetteer and simplifying searches for spatial data, services and documents. It enables fast and structured

  10. What is the European Data Portal - longer factsheet application/pdf

    edp_factsheet_what_is_edp_project_online.pdf European Data Portal Presentation Material 2