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Lessons from the Open Data for Open Cities event in Wageningen

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The European Data Portal provided a keynote presentation

On 9 May 2017, the Open Data for Open Cities conference took place at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. This conference was the 5th Participatory Workshop of InitiativeCityData 3.0 related to Open Data re-use and understanding the real impact of available Open Data in cities and was part of the broader 4-day annual international conference on Geographic Information Science.

The European Data Portal provided a keynote presentation focusing on the barriers and benefits in working with Open Data. According to the EDP Barriers report which was published in February 2017, Open Data publishers mainly experience financial, legal, technical and political barriers. At the same time, re-users of Open Data mainly experience little awareness, low availability, technical and legal barriers. Main benefits identified when working with Open Data, according to the EDP re-use of Open Data report, are innovation, reduced costs and increased efficiency, data harmonisation, enhanced business model and lastly reliability.

Other presentations focused on barriers experienced by re-users, specifically on lessons learned from geoportal research; integrating geological and seismological data in point process models for seismical analysis; Crime and Open Data, Use case Spain; and Open Data and disaster management. The day ended with an interactive workshop on how to find the hotspots in a cities' street network.

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