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The European Data Portal aims to support the public by providing a better understanding of the COVID-19 emergency to empower citizens to take action. Therefore, this section is dedicated for COVID-19 related datasets, linked data stories and data related initiatives.

  • Datasets
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      COVID-19 Datasets
    • A collection of datasets are selected and curated to inform the public. This collection includes datasets that are directly and indirectly related to COVID-19. Click to see the list of COVID-19 Datasets.
  • Data Stories
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      COVID-19 Data Stories
    • The most relevant and topical datasets, initiatives, reports and articles on COVID-19 are selected and described further. These are written in editorial pieces for the public to explore. Click to see all the data stories.
  • Data Related Initiatives
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      Data initiatives
    • In this medical emergency period, many valuable initiatives are being created. To bring these initiatives to the attention of the public and enable the respective data providers to find each other, this section is created. Click to see all data related initiatives.

Other Available Resources

To support the COVID-19 activities of the Member States, a set of building blocks were selected by the editorial team.