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Open Data Expo 2019 in Prague

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The Czech Republic is hosting the 4th edition of the Open Data Expo

The fourth edition of the Open Data Expo was held on 4 March 2019 with the title: Breaking Down the Walls.

Opening data is a team game that everyone can win when people work together to open and use the data. This means those who publish open data and those who use open data need to break down barriers to data re-use.

The Open Data Expo aims to give the public administrations, businesses and non-profit organisations the chance to meet and debate about how to create an open data ecosystem that everyone can benefit from. This year's Expo focused on how to move the Czech Republic into the 21st century.

If you are publishing open data, want to publish open data, use open data or are interested in building your project, read more about the fourth edition of the Open Data Expo Prague.