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Learn more about open data best practices in Europe

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Join the European Data Portal's webinar on the Open Data Maturity 2018 report

Join the European Data Portal's (EDP) webinar on the Open Data Maturity (ODM) 2018 Report's Top Three Performers this Wednesday 12 June at 13:30 CET! The webinar complements the EDP's new analytical report on the Top Three Performers in the ODM survey of 2018 - a report that offers an overview of open data best practices in Europe's 2018 top three performers: Ireland, Spain and France. The report also highlights the common denominators that have contributed to a successful open data transformation in each national context.

Representatives from the Irish, Spanish, and French national open data portals will speak at the webinar and will give an overview of:

  • Factors that contribute to open data success.
  • How open data can be used as a strategic asset to drive innovation and enable successful transformation in Europe.
  • Key elements that contribute to successful open data transformation.
  • The four enablers that drive open data maturity: Policy, Portal, Data Quality, and Impact.

The speakers will be joined by the EDP's Cosmina Radu - co-author of the ODM Report 2018 and the analytical report on the ODM 2018 Report's Top Three Performers.

Register and join us on 12 June to discuss open data maturity in Europe!

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