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Webinar on the economic impact of open data in Europe

Save the date and join the European Data Portal’s webinar on Friday 6 March 2020

Save the date and join the European Data Portal’s webinar “Opportunities for Value Creation in Europe: The Economic Impact of Open Data” on Friday 6 March. The webinar will have two speakers: Esther Huyer and Laura van Knippenberg, the authors of the report. In the webinar, they will discuss the key findings of the European Data Portal’s latest report – “The Economic Impact of Open Data: Opportunities for value creation in Europe” – summarised below:

  1. The specification and implementation of high-value datasets as part of the new Open Data Directive is a promising opportunity to address quality & quantity demands of open data.
  2. Addressing quality & quantity demands is important, yet not enough to reach the full potential of open data.
  3. Open data re-users have to be aware and capable of understanding and leveraging the potential.
  4. Open data value creation is part of the wider challenge of skill and process transformation: a lengthy process whose change and impact are not always easy to observe and measure.
  5. Sector-specific initiatives and collaboration in and across private and public sector foster value creation.
  6. Combining open data with personal, shared, or crowdsourced data is vital for the realisation of further growth of the open data market.
  7. For different challenges, we must explore and improve multiple approaches of data re-use that are ethical, sustainable, and fit-for-purpose.

Register and join us tomorrow to discuss the key findings of the report.

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