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Series of webinars on data visualisation

Registration is now open for the webinar series in September and October

Join the webinars in September and October 2019 to get to know the guidelines for effective data visualisation, learn how to tell your story through data visualisation and how to go beyond bars and lines when practising non-standard data visualisation. The registration to webinars is now open.

The webinars are of particular interest for professionals in the public sector dealing with data visualisation as part of their job and willing to explore new ways to improve their data visualisations for effective data presentation and communication. The webinars are organised by the Publications Office of the European Union under the ISA² Programme of the European Commission.

Webinar 17 September 2019 - Guidelines for effective data visualisation:

  • Discover pitfalls to avoid in data visualisation design
  • Learn how to choose a chart type for your visualisation
  • Learn what the Data Visualisation Checklist contains
  • Demo on Chartmaker Directory tool

Register here and find more details about the webinar!

Webinar 26 September 2019 - Telling your story through data visualisation:

  • Discover journalistic techniques for data storytelling
  • Learn data story patterns, genres and structures
  • Learn storytelling with chart design
  • Demo on Fastcharts, Datawrapper and Flourish tools

Register here and find more details about the webinar!

Webinar 10 October 2019 - Going beyond bars and lines: practising non-standard data visualisation:

  • Discover visualisation in data analysis
  • Learn different data types and visualisations that fit to them
  • Learn how to introduce lesser known chart types to readers
  • Demo on ggplot and RAWgraphs tools

Register and find more details about the webinar!

Beside the webinars, the Publications Office is also organising the EU DataViz Conference on 12 November 2019. For further questions contact the Publications Office of the European Union.