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Public Sector Information re-use in the public sector

Discover the European Data Portal's 11th analytical report on re-use of PSI in the public sector

On 9 January 2019 the European Data Portal (EDP) released its 11th analytical report on "Re-use of Public Sector Information (PSI) in the public sector". The report discusses:

  1. What PSI is and the potential benefits that public organisations can gain from exploiting and re-using public data.
  2. The three main barriers to realising PSI re-use in the public sector: supply-demand gap in PSI publishing, lack of awareness of PSI availability and benefits and the insufficient management of capabilities.
  3. Three possible solutions to overcoming the barriers to PSI re-use, such as building a data sharing culture, enabling PSI re-users in the public sector and establishing the organisational capability for PSI-reuse.
  4. An eight-step recommendation on how to become a successful PSI re-user in the public sector.

Read analytical report no 11 to discover the eight steps on becoming a successful PSI re-user in the public sector and to gain further insights into the assessment and evaluation of the barriers and solutions for successful PSI re-use in the public sector.