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Open Data Watch published their ranking of 180 different statistical institutes

Dennis Ramondt, from CBS (Statistics Netherlands) shares his view on Open Data and the Open Data Watch ranking

The topic of Open Data is not only high on European and national government agendas, but also features more and more often on international agendas. It was a topic of discussion during the meeting held by the United Nations Statistical Commission in New York City, held in March this year, as well as the Open Data Watch ranking recently published. The organisation published their assessment report, ranking 180 different statistical institutes in terms of the availability of Open Data. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) was awarded second place, after Statistics Denmark. Product owner of Open Data at CBS Dennis Ramondt shares his view why Open Data Watch is internationally recognised: 'They monitor open data policies around the globe. By now, statistical institutes from 180 different countries participate, which is almost 100 percent. This is interesting because it allows for an international comparison. It shows that not only CBS is doing well, but also the statistical offices in the Scandinavian countries.' On the EDP Dashboard there are more rankings of Open Data maturity in different countries.