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Open Data Blockchains: the missing link for opening up governments?

How Open Data fuels new technology

Are Open Data Blockchains the next innovation for realising open, transparent and participatory government? Blockchain, a distributed database technology, can be used by individuals who want to complete transactions involving multiple parties. Common examples include crypto currencies and smart contracts.

In Austria, Vienna's Open Government programme is implementing one of the first public sector Blockchains. The city is experimenting with Blockchain in order to gain experience and explore broader implementation opportunities. By publishing the checksums that verify the Open Government Wien Data, this public Blockchain allows users to evaluate data and keep track of alterations. With this, the city seeks to improve the quality and reliability of the city's Open Government Data.

Want to learn more about (Open Data) Blockchains? Read the designated webpage of the Open Data Institute. Are you familiar with other Open Data driven Blockchain solutions? Share your story and showcase your use case on the European Data Portal.