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Last chance to complete the EDP's economic impact survey

Contribute to the European Data Portal's survey on the economic impact of open data

Does your company use open data? Participate in the European Data Portal's (EDP) research on the economic impact of open data and fill out our survey before Friday 23 August - it will only take five minutes!

The survey is part of the EDP's research "Economic Impact of open data 2020" and builds on the EDP's report published in 2015: "Creating value through Open Data". This report helped to better understand the value of open data and showed the significant impact of open data in the EU and the value for selected companies that are already leveraging its potential. In early 2020, the European Data Portal will publish the second iteration of the report about the economic impact of open data and will include findings from the survey.

Take the chance to showcase your company's experience with open data and contribute to the EDP's report on the economic impact of open data by filling out the survey. The EDP will select multiple companies to showcase open data usage in practice in a report that will be published in early 2020. It is also possible to fill out the survey anonymously.

For more information about the survey, send a mail or stay up to date by following the EDP on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to stay up to date.