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Improving to facilitate finding and re-using open government data in UK

The newly-designed is now called the "Find open data service"

Since 2010 has been supporting users to find and use open government data and facilitating government publishers to maintain data. The Government Transformation Strategy promotes better use of data. Recently UK's national data portal changed its publishing tool and plans to launch a new improved service by June 2018. The change comes with a new design and a new name, already in place: "Find open data". The Government Digital Service (GDS) maintains the service behind and helps publishers to manage and update their data.

You can find:

  1. data published by central government, local authorities, and public bodies
  2. links to download data files
  3. help on creating an account to publish data

Visit the portal to Find open data and get inspired by the new features. More information on how to publish data can be found in the EDP Goldbook.