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France announces opening of SIRENE database with company data free of charge

INSEE will make the data available from 1 January 2017 onwards

After opening data from the Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (DILA), from INPI (trademarks, patents and designs) and the company register (RNCS), the release of the SIRENE dataset is the last part of company related data that was missing for a comprehensive overview of data on French companies. This file contains information on associations and public entities including the unique company identifier. Around 10 million companies throughout France are included, where on average 10,000 updates are made every day.

This dataset gives innovative players in the market access to information on businesses which will allow them to provide value added services to companies, such as predictive marketing. The move will be an important step forward also for the public administration, as public sector bodies are currently only able to buy this information from INSEE (the French Statistical Office).

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