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The Centre for Budapest Transport and open mobility data

The Centre for Budapest Transport shares open mobility data for re-use

The Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK) is a website that was created by its namesake that aims to make public transport services fully accessible and free for everyone to use. The BKK releases open data in a user-friendly format with the intention of enabling the data to be re-used by developers to create useful applications. The available datasets on BKK are regularly updated every week or month, depending on the agreement with the original data provider. Data is also made available in General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format to enable developers to integrate the timetables provided into mobile applications that use geographic locations.

Centre for Budapest Transport is one of the over 500 use cases published on the European Data Portal. If you are aware of another inspiring use case, share your experience and knowledge about different applications and websites using open data with the EDP via mail, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.