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Belgium invests EUR4,000,000 in mobility apps using Open Data

Political mandate for Smart Mobility Call

Two Belgian Ministers announced major investments in Open Data mobility apps. Alexander De Croo (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development Cooperation, Digital Agenda, Telecommunications and Postal Services) and Francois Bellot (Minister for Mobility and Transport) agreed upon investing EUR4 million to support projects focusing on mobility and Open Data.

As we mentioned in one of our previous news articles, Belgian citizens and public organisations are looking for more Open Data related to mobility. The current investments provide an answer to this need for greater use of Open Data in the respective field. The investments help providing better integration of the transport networks, new carpooling solutions and innovations based on real-time data. All in all, the projects aim at changing the mindset of users, public transport operators and government bodies as part of a smarter approach to mobility.