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  • EDP user survey
    The EDP wants to hear your opinion on the user experience, content, functions and engagement in order to improve our services!
  • Open government data can be a rich source for AI, which often lacks high-quality data. Therefore, governments should increase the amount of high-quality data to boost AI competitiveness.
  • The Guggenheim Bilbao is open to the public online through digital displays of art and digital tours through the museum.
  • Open space data can benefit space research, but also non-profit causes and businesses, as the world looks forward to new developments in space exploration.
  • Open data insights provide an important guideline for the reopening of European countries and researchers continue to measure the success of different policies.
  • The European Commission uses and supports the use of open data to gain more insight into the European labour market in order to make better policy decisions.
  • Santander Cycles
    The Santander Cycle program is one of many new European cycle programs that offer a green, sustainable, and COVID-19 proof alternative to cars and taxis in cities
  • Data centres stocks have surged as the pandemic highlights the importance of a digital infrastructure as the world shelters at home and online
  • Common mistakes or a lack of (open) data can lead to an unrepresentative dataset of a population, but these issues can also be prevented with our tips and tricks
  • Join the European Data Portal’s workshop on high value datasets next week Monday 8 June!