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  • The European Commission published a summary report of the contribution and preliminary trends found by the public consultation on the European strategy for data.
  • Vektis
    Vektis improves efficiency in the insurance and healthcare sector while collecting valuable data
  • EDP book club
    We want to share our EDP community book recommendations with you!
  • This is the second piece in a series about the “Sustainability of (Open) Data Portal Infrastructures” reports. In this highlight, the focus is on “Developing Microeconomic Indicators Through Open Data Reuse”.
  • Researchers in humanities can study art collections online through access to open data
  • Many companies have an interest in collecting limitless data, but this also raises privacy concerns and shows the importance of GDPR compliance.
  • Politicindex
    Politicindex is an open-source platform for political information.
  • Making Australian cities more liveable by using open data and digital literacy in education on city planning and environmental programs.
  • Discover open data on solar energy and its applications on the European Data Portal.
  • The Responsible Mining Index (RMI) Report 2020, by the Responsible Mining Foundation, states that there is a lack of mine-site-level data.