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  • The Open State Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation stimulating accountability of the (Dutch) government through digital transparency.
  • Decision making in a data-driven world is often preceded by many experiments to understand how different strategies influence user behaviour.
  • The organisation of the Digital Day 2020 has now published an overview of the impact of the event and freely available content, such as webinars, online.
  • The finalists of the EU Datathon have been shortlisted and will compete in four challenges during the European Week of Regions and Cities!
  • Smart Emission is a research project focused on improving the air quality of urban areas in the Netherlands.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic poses a challenge for governments as real-time open data needs to be processed and saved in a quick and correct manner.
  • Lessons learned from INSPIRE for the implementation of High Value Datasets
  • EDP user survey
    The EDP wants to hear your opinion on the user experience, content, functions and engagement in order to improve our services!
  • Open government data can be a rich source for AI, which often lacks high-quality data. Therefore, governments should increase the amount of high-quality data to boost AI competitiveness.
  • The Guggenheim Bilbao is open to the public online through digital displays of art and digital tours through the museum.