European Data Portal

The most popular datasets

The most popular datasets

Facts and practical examples

The European Data Portal harvests the metadata of Public Sector Information available on portals, both national, regional and local, throughout Europe. Currently there are 74 catalogues which are harvested, with a total amount of over 660,000 datasets available on the European Data Portal. These datasets are divided over 13 data categories. But what are the most popular datasets? An overview of the most popular datasets (in terms of pageviews, covering March 2017) is provided below.


In the top-ten most popular datasets, not a single country stands out when looking at where the data originally is harvested from. Several countries are present in the top-ten, ranging from Moldova to the United Kingdom. Also when looking at the data categories, a strong diversity can be noticed. The dataset with the most pageviews comes from the European Union Open Data Portal. This dataset provides information from Tenders Electronic Daily (TED), dedicated to European public procurement. It provides data on public procurement contracts, of notices published in EU Member States, the European Economic Area (EEA) and beyond. An example of what can be done with such Open Data is the application TenderGalaxy, developed by Kenedict Innovation Analytics.  This application allows users to interactively browse the connections between Dutch government entities, their published tenders, and the businesses interested in these tenders. The application builds on open data published on the Dutch marketplace for public tenders, TenderNed.

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