European Data Portal

Data Tools

Data Tools


The Portal enables searching and filtering on datasets from its central repository

Users can use multi-lingual search by keyword and/or filter the datasets by data category, location, catalogue, tags, data format and licence.


The datasets are harvested from external public sites and organised into the  corresponding "Catalogues"

A "Catalogue" exists for each harvested site and provides the list of all underlying datasets as well as information on its source, publisher, harvesting status etc.

Metadata Quality

The MQA tool monitors the quality of the metadata and generates graphical reports

This tool provides an overview of the current status of the availability and accessibility of each distribution. In addition it generates statistics on the data set compliance.

SPARQL Manager

The SPARQL manager enables SPARQL queries to be run on the linked data store in the dataset repository

This tool is responsible for running user defined SPARQL queries on the Virtuoso query engine.