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Data Related Initiatives

In this medical emergency period, many valuable initiatives are being created. To bring these initiatives to the attention of the public and enable the respective data providers to find each other, this section was created.
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  • Italian Department of Civil Protection
    COVID-19 Dashboard by the Italian Department of Civil Protection.
  • ECDC logo
    COVID-19 dashboard created by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) showing global tables and figures.
  • berliner morgenpost
    COVID-19 dashboard created by the Berliner Morgenpost showing national, European and global figures.
  • photo
    The #WirVsVirus Hackathon by the Bundesregierung (Federal Government) of Germany.
  • ss
    The Ministry of the Economy of Luxembourg in collaboration with Luxinnovation call for projects for innovative solutions to combat COVID-19.
  • Screenshot of Swiss Dashboard
    Dashboard by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.
  • We Versus Virus
    The Swiss Hackathon initiative is supported by a broad range of both public and private sector actors and covers various themes and different challenges from economic to health and community related…
  • picture
    The Allen Institute for AI partnered with Kaggle and created a challenge where participants compete to inspire the public to optimize the use of COVID-19 Open Research Data (CORD-19) in a beneficial…
  • Screenshot of Dutch Dashboard
    COVID-19 Dashboard by the Dutch the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment.
  • Vence al Virus Hackathon
    The 'Vence al Virus' hackathon is organised by the local municipality of Madrid to create initiatives to combat the COVID-19 pandemic