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Two COVID-19 Web Services on Excelsior 2020

Two initiatives
Erastosthenes Centre of Excellence created a global COVID-19 dashboard and a dashboard tracing the origin of the virus.


Eratosthenes Centre of Excellence  has developed several web services for COVID-19. The main objective of the Eratosthenes COVID-19 WebGIS Platform is to illustrate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, disseminate useful statistical figures to the Governing Departments and Authorities and inform the public.

They created two platforms to visualise the data. The first platform is a global dashboard on epidemiological data, such as the number of cases, the number of deceased and the number of recovered people. The second platform tries to follow the spread of the virus since the outbreak in China and show it in a moving map with a time slider.

Language: English
For more information see: link to both - COVID-19 Global Cases Dashboard - Tracing the Origin of COVID-19
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Eratosthenes Centre of Excellence & Excelsior