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German Dashboard - NPGEO Corona Hub 2020

NPGEO Corona Hub
Platform containing both a dashboard and a open database with maps, records, applications, and more in the context of COVID-19.


The German National Platform for Geographic Data (NPGEO) Corona Hub provides both a dashboard with the most important numbers on COVID-19 and a freely accessible database containing almost a hundred datasets related to COVID-19. For the creation of this initiative they cooperated with the Robert Koch Institute, the University of Bonn, the GeoHealth Centre, and ESRI. 

To add to the national dashboard, several German regional COVID-19 dashboards are created to deep-dive in region-specific numbers.

Furthermore, they provide other COVID-19 applications such as dashboards designed for Austria, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland/Liechtenstein. These additional applications are written in the national language of the applicable country to ensure that all citizens can find the information they seek.

Language: German
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