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Austrian Dataset - COVID-19: Epidemiological Curve

The daily increase in people who tested positive of COVID-19 in Austria.


The epidemiological curve shows the daily increase in people who tested positive. It is a way of showing the dynamics of the spread of an epidemic over time. When the case arrives in a laboratory report, the assignment of the cases to a specific day corresponds to the date on which the case was created in the epidemiological reporting system (EMS). As soon as additional information is collected by AGES or BVB, the case (if one of the following date fields could be determined) is assigned to a date in the following order: Date of illness> diagnosis date> reporting date.

Update cycle: every hour. The data in the Austrian data package are obtained from two different sources: The epidemiological reporting system (EMS) and the state medical directorates that reports to the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection (BMSGPK). Data obtained from the EMS are updated every hour. State medical directorate data are reported to the BMSGPK once a day and updated once a day (in the morning).

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Federal Ministry for Social Affairs, Health, Nursing and Consumer Protection