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Be harvested by us

The European Data Portal initial content has been collected by harvesting national public data portals. Progressively, the portal will harvest additional data collected by regional, local and domain specific portals.

Do you want your portal or website to be harvested by the European Data Portal? 

Here are few key aspects to have in mind:

  • Yes, you are publishing public sector information.

  • Are you already being harvested by another national or local portal?

If yes, make sure you mention it in the contact form. The European Data Portal might already be harvesting that Portal. 


To be harvested by the European Data Portal we have several technical requirements we wish to share with you.

The list below offers a checklist of the different technical features expected. 

  1. Make sure that your portal provides metadata!

    Only metadata can be harvested, not the data itself

  2. Which metadata standard is used?

    CKAN/INSPIRE/DCAT-AP. If other, please provide a detailed description of the scheme used

  3. Which representation of the metadata is used?


  4. Which API is used to retrieve the data?

    CKAN/OAI-PMH/dump file

  5. Is authentication required to access API?


  6. Include complete vocabulary for categorization, or other fields that use a defined vocabulary (for example update frequency).

    With translation, if applicable

  7. Use standard date/time formats.


  8. Is differential or incremental harvesting supported?

    Yes/No. Incremental of differential harvesting allows for harvesting of datasets that were changed after a certain date only

  9. How often can/should the site be harvested?



The requirements mentioned in the checklist are described in further detail here.



In order to be harvested by us, please fill in the contact form.


If you want to learn more about how to improve your Open Data publishing, please take a look at the