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Children in criminal judicial proceedings - Germany

This dataset is on children (persons aged less than 18 years) in judicial proceedings in Germany. Judicial proceedings are those taking place in court as a part of the justice systems in Member States or proceedings that are alternatives to judicial proceedings. The data concerns the child in different roles, such as suspect/offender, witness, victim, plaintiff or otherwise the subject of judicial proceedings. The dataset is organised according to the theme from the Masterlist. You can filter this dataset according to key word searches, whether the data provides disaggregation by the age of child, sex, region within country or socio-economic group and by source. The listing of national datasets indicates whether the information provided is equivalent or approximate to the Masterlist indicators. You are able to access the raw data and metadata. The national contextual overview describes the national legal and policy framework with regard to children's involvement in criminal judicial proceedings as at 1 June 2012.


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