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Number 1000db — The World 1301-1

The paper has 6 sheets 1 million scale, having dimensions of 6 degrees in longitude and 4° latitude. IG Metall was completed during the year 2004, from: DB1000 IG Metall 2003 ortho-photos, ISTAT, AIMA IgM data sets 1301 and 1404. Policonica representation is framed in the amended with corresponding to the origin of longitude and the meridian of Greenwich based on UTM grid ellipsoid Clarke 1880 as amended. The difficult terrain has to paint a ipsometriche with the altitude in metres, shows the state borders and the regional and provincial administrative boundaries. The Charter is not a text in the delimitation of international borders. Printed in colour.


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  • Label: REGOLAMENTO (UE) N. 1089/2010 DELLA COMMISSIONE del 23 novembre 2010 recante attuazione della direttiva 2007/2/CE del Parlamento europeo e del Consiglio per quanto riguarda l'interoperabilità dei set di dati territoriali e dei servizi di dati territoriali
  • Label: Specifiche Interne IGM
  • Label: E' stata compilata in IGM nel corso dell'anno 2004, partendo da: db1000 IGM 2003, ortofoto aima, dati istat, le serie igm 1301 e 1404.
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