Anonymised AIS Derived Track Lines 2015

AIS vessel transit data for 2015 processed by ABPmer on behalf of the MMO, using data supplied by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), following a methodology previously developed by ABPmer under MMO project number 1066, entitled 'Mapping UK Shipping Density and Routes from AIS Open Source Data and Methods'. This feature class contains vessel tracks or 'transits' derived from AIS-A and AIS-B positional data provided by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). The transit lines represent the UK AIS-A and AIS-B 2015 data as continuous vessel tracks, generated from sequential vessel positions. This was achieved by plotting vessel positional data using MMSI identification numbers. The transit lines provide all ship type groups (STG), including the 'unknown' vessel type classifications.This dataset contains the anonymised transit line data used to create the 2015 UK shipping density grid.Ship type groups (STG):0 - Unknown Vessels1 - Non-Port service craft2 - Port service craft3 - Vessels engaged in dredging or underwater operations4 - High Speed Craft5 - Military or Law enforcement6 - Passenger7 - Cargo8 - Tankers9 - Fishing vessels10 - Recreational vessels


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