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Coal and coal products balance sheet; Supply and consumption 1990-2018

This table shows the supply and consumption of hard coke, Lignite + BKB (Braunkohlenbrketts) and coke oven coke in a balance sheet. The Supply is calculated as production plus recoveries plus imports net of changes. This calculation of the supply results in the amount of hard coal, Lignite + BKB (Braunkohlenbrketts) and coke oven coke consumed in the period concerned. This consumption is divided into consumption by energy companies, coke oven plants, industry, iron and steel and other consumers. Other consumers are ie services and households. Available from: January 1990 up to November 2018. Status of the figures: All figures up to 2015 are defined. Figures from January 2016 are revised provisional. Figures from January 2018 are provisional. The status of the figures will not be changed, cause this table has shown bone in. Changes Axis of February 28th 2019: None. This table has been separated. Because or revised supply figures. It was not possible to REVISE the monthly, quarterly and annual figures of 2014 and earnings. Change axis of August 3 rd 2018: — From January 1990 supply and consumption figures or Lime + BKB (Braunkohlenbrketts) and coke oven coke oven, has been added. — From year 2015 on off, the transit from the import and export figures or hard coal has removed. — Provisional figures of January up to and including May. Will new figures be published? Not applicable anymore. This table will be continuously prepared by Coal and coke products balance sheet; Supply and consumption. See section 3.


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