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Wigan Council Asset Boundaries

The Council’s property portfolio is spread throughout the Borough and includes, e.g. community schools, libraries, sports centres, parks, cemeteries, open space, social care premises, car parks, markets and offices. It includes sites which are Council owned (freehold) and those that we occupy as tenants under leases or other arrangements.   Not all Council ownerships are shown and specifically excluded from this data is social housing, garages rented as part of a housing tenancy agreement, rent free properties provided by traders, operational railways and canals, operational public highways, assets of national security, information deemed inappropriate for public access as a result of data protection and/or disclosure controls, details of individual tenanted properties and vacant properties.   Please also be aware that asset boundaries often do not correspond with legal boundaries. Therefore all enquiries regarding Council ownerships should be directed to Samantha Byrne (01942 827218) or Karen Nickel (01942 827136)



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