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Planning Inspectorate – Appeals Data

This data set includes detailed information on a selection of the Planning Inspectorate's (PINS) planning appeal casework decisions over a 5 year rolling period. Appeals currently in progress and those which have been withdrawn or turned away are not included. This data applies to England only. * All cases are considered on their individual merits, and on the basis of the evidence submitted. * Targets are not set for the percentage of allowed and dismissed cases. * Decision Makers do not select their own casework. * Casework is allocated to Decision Maker on the best balance of availability, geography, casework level and expertise. This may produce apparent patterns of outcome that are in fact artefacts of the way work is allocated and do not provide evidence as to an Inspector's fitness for or approach to a particular case. * Decision Makers handle different numbers of cases in a year – some dealing with as few as one which would give a result of 100% allowed or 100% dismissed * Decision Makers are rigorously trained to ensure that they develop and maintain the skills necessary to undertake the work that they are given. These skills will influence the type of cases they deal with. * Some appeals are linked together as they relate to the same or similar development on the same site * The Inspectorate has an exacting Ministerial target which requires all casework to be 99% free from justified complaint or legal challenge. * A Decision Maker constitutes a selected person appointed to carry out: open, impartial, honest decisions on behalf of the Secretary of State. Further information about the dataset is available in the separate downloadable document. This includes an explanation for each field, with an indicator of the data quality. Some categorisation of appeals can be subjective. We have various mechanisms for checking our data and being alerted to changes - therefore data can change between different publications of this data set. If you spot a data error please tell us;


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