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LIDAR - Lough Neagh Environs - 2017

Terrain (DTM) & Surface (DSM) elevation models of the environs of Lough Neagh derived from airborne LIDAR survey systems. Data is provided in ASCII and LAS formats. A Digital Terrain Model (DTM) consists of a grid of regularly spaced points of known height which, when used with other digital data such as maps or orthophotographs, can provide a 3D image of the land surface. This data is typically provided in tiles of 1km x 1km containing elevations in a 1m x 1m grid. Tiles are grouped into four quadrant groups and can be downloaded by area as shown on the index ‘LiDAR_Extents_Grid_Index Map.pdf’. Data was acquired (surveyed) in April 2017. This data is not supported. Supporting documentation has been provided to assist / offer guidance on the data itself. NOTE: Large file sizes. file size up to 240Mb. files size up to 750Mb.



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